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How to get ready for a job interviewBefore your interview, there are some things you can do to maximise your chances of getting the job.Research the company and the job thoroughly. Get acquainted with the organisation’s size, history and reputation. You could do this online, through the company’s website, or at a local library. If you know someone who works there, he or she would be a good source of information. You may not be asked about this information but it will help you understand the job.Make sure you have a full job description from the employer so you can match your skills to the job’s requirements. Think about how your previous experience qualifies you and how it compares to the work on offer.Learn as much as you can about how the interview will be conducted. For example, it is not impolite to ask how long the interview will take; it shows you are serious about the proceedings. Once you know approximately how long it will last, you can prepare how you will pace yourself and which are the most important points you want to make. Make sure you don’t arrange any appointments immediately after the interview. You don’t want to feel rushed and, besides, it might stretch on beyond the specified time.Try to find out who the interviewer will be and research him or her at the company’s website. Hopefully you will learn something about the interviewer’s general interests and how he or she fits into the organisation.The company may have a dress code that you’ll need to know about. What is appropriate depends on the particular employer and job but, generally speaking, it is better to dress formally whilst remaining comfortable. Men should dress conservatively with atie and business suit. A fresh haircut and a shave will help and no chewing gum or cigarettes. Also only wear your wedding ring, if married, take out any earrings and cover any tattoos!Women should avoid wearing a dress but stick to a jacket and skirt or trousers. Keep your make up simple and use no more than one ring on each hand. In general avoid dressing in loud, garish clothes that would prove distracting to the interviewer.Think about: “What kind of questions am I going to be asked and how am I going to answer them?” There are, of course, hundreds of possible questions but your research into the organisation should have given you some understanding of what they are looking for. Even if you aren’t asked the questions you prepare, the practice will give you confidence. You should also prepare some intelligent questions to ask; then with a friend or, in front of a mirror, practice them.Decide what materials you are going to take with you; extra copies of your CV, business cards, notebook and couple of pens. Perhaps you could include samples of your past work, references or any awards you have received that might be relevant.Go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. On the day of the interview it is very important to be on time, so arrive early. Wait calmly, switch off your mobile phone and, when called, make eye contact with interviewer, introduce yourself and firmly shake his or her hand.无论你是进外企还是国企,只要你把这些“装备”都准备到位,那么离你的理想职位就不远啦!加油,北外诺加英语培训网预祝大家步步高升!兵法中“知己知彼、百战不殆”,也同样适用于面试者。下面让英语培训专家用双语来跟大家分析下:面试前要如何准备呢?(How to get ready for a job interview)在面试前,有几件事你可以准备起来,最大化自己得到工作的机会。对这个公司和这份工作做一次彻底的研究。了解这个组织的规模、历史和声誉。你可以上这个公司的官网了解或是在当地图书馆找些资料。如果你认识在那里工作的人,那会是更好的信息来源。在面试时可能不会问到此类问题,但是这些信息能帮你更了解这个公司。确保你能拿到自己申请的职位的详细工作职责描述,这样才能把你自己的技巧和工作所需的对应起来。想想自己以前的经验如何与你申请的职位吻合。尽量去了解面试会如何组织。比如,你大可以问面试会进行多长时间,这不会显得自己不礼貌、而会让对方觉得你对面试很上心。一旦你知道面试时间,你就可以为如何把握面试节奏做准备,想想哪些是你在面试中一定想要表达的点。注意:不要在面试后安排任何时间很近的事儿。你总不想面试时慌慌张张的吧?另外,指不准面试时间又延长了呢?试着搞清楚那天面试你的会是谁,然后在公司网站上查找一些他/她的资料。如果顺利的话,你可能可以了解对方的喜好,以及他/她在公司具体做什么工作?你面试的公司可能对着装也有些要求。具体穿什么也要看你的雇主或是行业,但总的说来,穿正式点儿同时穿的舒服点绝对没错。作为男士应该穿西装、系领带。最好能剪个清爽的头型、剃干净胡子,不要嚼口香糖、不要抽烟。除非你结婚了要带上戒指之外,其他所有的耳钉、纹身统统藏起来!作为女士,记得穿夹克、裤子、或是西装套裙。不要穿休闲型的裙装。化淡妆,每只手上的戒指不要超过一个。总的说来就是不要穿颜色过于俗艳的衣服,那会分散面试官的注意力。事前先想想:“我会被问到什么样的问题,我要怎么回答?”当然面试的问题成千上万,不过你对这个公司所做的调查应该能让你知道对方想找什么样的人。即便你事前准备的问题没有被问到,准备的过程也能给你信心。同时,你也应该准备一些聪明的问题来问对方。最后找个朋友或是找面镜子练习。去之前想清楚要带什么:多带几份简历、名片、几支笔。也许你还需要带上之前工作的一些作品、证明或是奖项,任何与你现在申请的职位相关的东西。好好睡一觉,面试当天千万别迟到。提早到,等的时候保持冷静。关掉手机。当叫到你的时候,和面试官目光接触,介绍自己,镇定地握手。


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